pimples after shaving

Hair Removal 101: Here’s How To Deal With After-Shave Pimples

One glide of a razor and you’re sorted! That’s why shaving is the go-to hair removal method for so many ...

shaving cuts

Flawless Shave? Yes Please! 5 Ways To Deal With Shaving Cuts & Nicks

Got no time to visit the salon? Shave. Can’t deal with hot wax and pain? Shave. An impromptu date with ...

razor bumps

Razor Bumps Never Again! How To Prevent & Treat Them For A Flawless Shave

Admittedly, shaving is the best hair removal method known to mankind. It is quick, convenient, painless, and helps remove dead ...

period bloating

Bloating During Period? 5 Effective Home Remedies To Manage It

Do you ditch bodycon dresses for oversized sweatshirts because of a sudden weight gain right before your period? Does your ...

period mood swings

Mood Swings During Periods? Why They Happen & What To Do

Ever noticed yourself sobbing during a comedy show or wanting to launch your phone across the room for no rhyme ...

early pregnancy symptoms

Early Pregnancy Signs: 7 Ways To Tell If You’re Pregnant Even Before You Miss Your Period

Do you remember how in those 90s television dramas, sudden bouts of vomiting and pickle cravings were used as indicators ...

irregular periods

5 Reasons Why Are Your Periods Irregular & Here’s What To Do

From ruining date nights to wrecking plans, the consequences of irregular periods can be quite annoying to deal with. Even ...

breast pain during periods

Everything You Need To Know About Breast Pain During Periods & How To Deal With It

Any pain or discomfort in the boobies at any point makes us jump to the worst conclusions. While checking for ...

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